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★ Moly-Sabata celebrates its 90 anniversary ★ Our annual show is open to the public thursday to sunday from 2pm to 6pm until 2017 october 29th ★ Welcome ★

The Albert Gleizes Foundation has in Moly-Sabata five studios to welcome visual artists. The house owns reception and working rooms, and you will find then outbuildings and a park. Moly-Sabata is located along the edge of the river Rhône at 60 km in the south of Lyon and at 40 km in the north of Valence.

The annual show
Each year Moly-Sabata curates a show inside its estate and invites directly artists to realize specific artworks. This is made possible by private foundings and partnerships with compagnies. It is the opportunity for artists to work with on unusual scales and experiment new technics thanks to partners, as ceramic, stone, leather.

The residencies in partnership with the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes art centers
The studios are provided to art centers for an exhibition project with an artist they invite directly. As a residency, Moly-Sabata is recognized to be a partner of  the exhibition.

The individual residencies
From a request, artists can access a studio for a terminal period of six months by certifying their practice in a visual art field. Participation fees are a charge of 650€ per month. Welcoming conventions are set for each residency between The Albert Gleizes Foundation and the residents.

Aside its main activity, Moly-Sabata also offers to the public workshops for amateurs, education program and publications.

> Discover our allumni includings artists as Caroline Achaintre, Justin Fitzpatrick, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Samara Scott, Josephine Halvorson, Lindsey Mendick

In english please