Andrea Bakketun & Christian Tony Norum


Les artistes séjournent en octobre 2014 à titre individuel.

Andrea Bakketun & Christian Tony Norum
Nés en 1983 et 1980 en Norvège
Basés à Oslo
Diplômés de l’Oslo national academy of the arts en 2013 et 2012

Bakketun & Norum is an Oslo-based artist duo established in 2012. Their collaborations are often made in relation to a journey, and lead them into investigations on the history, folklore and physicality of a given place. Other participants, like musicians and actors, are occasionally invited to participate in performances. Norum’s comes from a painting background where he is implementing the history of abstract painting as an almost innocent open source. In this way he is watching this formal visual vocabulary about the radical unutterable, from an astonishing neutralized point of view. Bakketun who’s main focus is installation, sculpture and video, contributes with works where the visual language of every day life and science are used to depict psychological states in atmospheres without humans, but where the human is clearly present.

Andrea Bakketun & Christian Tony Norum, Touristification as the storm wallows around the house, Prague, 2013
Christian Tony Norum, Reflection of reflection, I’m living in history, video, 2013
Christian Tony Norum, Untitled, 100×150cm, huile, toile, 2012
Andrea Bakketun, Golden bough measuring device, 7×11m, installation, bambou, plumes d’autruche, caméra, 2013
Andrea Bakketun, Månesimulator, kinetic object, 40×40cm, oil lamp with ferro fluid, magnet on metal rod run by servo motor, 2013


Andrea Bakketun & Christian Tony Norum